Friday, July 28, 2006

What is Trust?

When you can tell someone your innermost thoughts on any subject and not lose any sleep worrying that they're going to blab it to your worst enemy, that's trust.

When you have no reservations about receiving someone into your life and exchanging private thoughts and ideas, that's trust.

When you have no compunction about extending favors and courtesies to someone, knowing without having to be told that they would do it for you, that's trust.

When you have no doubt whatsoever that someone you've accepted unconditionally into your inner circle will never cuddle up with those who mean you harm, that's trust.

Who do you trust? Everyone? No one? Some of us have to learn the hard way that trust cannot be doled out unconditionally. Or indiscriminately. It must be earned and, once earned, it must be lived up to. Sometimes, it's hard to discern trustworthiness in others, but we all must learn to feel our way through the process because it's a cold and lonely place where you can trust no one.

And what do you do when trust is broken? If you're like me, you'd like to bitch-slap them, but there are rules against that. Your best recourse, therefore, is probably to simply disassociate yourself from them. Completely. And if we're smart, we won't look back.

The Word Patrol hauled in a few fugitives today. When good words go bad, the results can be horrifying. And hysterically funny.

mis-leading -- Female ahead of the male in the race so far.

supposenly wrote -- Nuh-uh, I'm not touching that one.

unprofesstional -- Bacchanal of unprofessionalism.

would of have -- Would but this one cease and desist from the practice of pretending to write.

huge amonts -- We think this is a euphemism for huge, um, mangoes.

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