Monday, July 17, 2006


War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
I tell you love, sister...
It's just a kiss away
Kiss away, kiss away.

- Rolling Stones, "Gimme Shelter," 1969

What a volatile powder keg the Middle East – and indeed, the entire world – finds itself poised on the brink of at this moment. Hezbollah guerillas are acting up. Israel is pissed off, and rightfully so. Lebanon is equally pissed, also justifiably so. Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc., are all on red alert. They each have a position – a perfectly defensible position when viewed objectively in the light of their own people, their own culture, their own goals. If one plays devil's advocate and examines the issues with an open mind, one can readily see that each has some legitimate issues and an inherent right to defend itself. Barring strong, swift diplomatic action with a keen, unerring eye toward peaceable resolution, it looks as though anything could happen. It's a frightening tableau in the theatre of world politics.

It certainly makes the piddly little shouting matches that crop up in everyday life non-events in comparison and sends the petty disagreements packing to the wayside.

On a lighter note, a few Word Bandidos have been picked up on outstanding warrants:

Rein of terror. (Here's a tip: loosen the bit and the horse/ox/mule won't be as terrified.)

We have banned together. (Two or more people who got together to ban someone else from some activity.)

Excepting responsibility. (Something occurring for any reason other than responsibility?)

Their not coming. (No, but they're coming. Fast.)

Awefully Ansy. (Raggedy Andy's wondrous little sister?)

If any one has any advise. (Huh? Nuh-uh. Can't do it.)

What's so ever. (That makes no sense whatsoever, but ooooooo-kay.)

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