Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dog Days and Dunderheads

Tempers flare when it's hot. We all know that. Thus, you'd think that the dunderheads among us would try just a tad harder not to offend normal people, wouldn't you? Not! I think the heat just makes them damn crazier. They've been out in force for the past two days, too -- everywhere from the grocery store to the pharmacy to Wal-Mart to the car wash. And don't even talk to me about online. That may be where the nuttiest of the nutsos congregate.

Dunderhead's a pretty good word, don't you think? It means, essentially, dunce. Damned apt, if you ask me.

The Word Patrol braved the heat today and cleaned up the streets a little bit. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. I'm pretty sure that even they were affected by the heat; they had to be restrained from just shooting the suspects where they stood.

with-in -- Some sort of an attempt at resurrecting the old love-in thing of the 60s. I guess instead of spreading peace and love, this one's all about just being with it.

Just breath! -- I can only assume somebody is making nice about someone else's dragon breath, politely telling them, "It's okay, I'm not going to faint. It's just breath!" Maybe they should just breathe.

royolties -- The new rock band Royo-Boyo ties one on.

occations -- Some sort of weird moccasin-like footwear that laces up.

find it's way -- What that actually is saying is, "Find it is way." Makes no sense to me. Not in English, anyway.

pliagerism -- Trust me, neither of these persons need worry about anyone copying their work.

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