Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dire Straits

My office is close to the police department. Thus, when I saw the SWAT wagon roll out this afternoon, I paid it no mind. After all, it rolls a lot. There are always drills and maneuvers and training sessions going on.

Only when I got home and turned on the TV did I see the "special report" about a stand-off situation going on. It seems that about a mile down the street my office building is on, a couple of cops from a neighboring town approached a guy sitting in his car in connection with something they were investigating.

Rather than answer any questions, the guy comes out of the car with a gun and shoots one of the cops before running into his house. All hell broke loose then, of course.

The cop is still at the hospital, albeit he's reported to have suffered only a superficial gunshot wound to his foot. The suspect is holed up in the house, refusing to come out. The house is surrounded by SWAT units. The suspect was talking to reporters on the phone before the police shut the phone off. He apparently has a lengthy criminal record (drugs, assaults, etc.) and told the reporters he wasn't coming out. Not today. Not of his own volition, nor was he going back to jail. It was implicit from his remarks that this might end in a suicide.

Makes you wonder how people get themselves into such desperate straits. So sad. And senseless.

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