Monday, June 05, 2006

We all have Lazy, Lackadaisical days. They can be some of the nicest days, can't they? Saturdays spent curled up with a book -- a free getaway from it all. Sunday mornings in bed with coffee and the newspaper -- pure indolence. R&R. We've earned it, right? After all, we work hard the rest of the week.

Life at PublishAmerica is pretty lackadaisical every day of the week. They have no submissions to wade through; they accept everything that comes in up until the daily quota cutoff.

There is no editing to be done. The young, inexperienced employees run subs through a spell check (which can be catastrophic when it makes unwarranted changes), and that's it as far as editing goes.

There is no great difficulty in finding a piece of clip art with which to fabricate a cover.

Slap it all together, send the computer file to the printers, and sell a thin, unedited "novel" with an amateurish looking cover for an absurdly inflated price. Yep, life is pretty easy.

There's no sales and marketing to bother with. The authors are the marketing and PR people and the sales force. They are also PublishAmerica's mainstay customers.

Every day's a holiday at PublishAmerica. Do a little haphazard record keeping, send out snarky e-mails to the "malcontents," and sit back and count the money. Good work if you can get it.

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