Friday, June 16, 2006


Trashy people have their place in this world, I suppose. I mean, who else would we pick on? They certainly can be a trial, though, when they get a case of the butt for you. We don't always understand their rationale. Sometimes, there is no reason; none that normal people can comprehend, anyway. Some of them bully and harass just because they can. Shoot, a few will even tell you that to your face. Honest trash -- what a concept. Whatever their warped reasons, they'll pick at you, poke at you, jab and parry and thrust with their nonsense. Thankfully, they usually run out of ammunition in fairly short order. They, after all, aren't the ones with the brains.

PublishAmerica does the same thing. They, however, call it business as usual. I just saw another one of their Trashy letters to an unhappy author today. What total flaming arrogance. And trashy to the max.

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