Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sword Play

X marks the spot. No, there's no buried treasure. There was a small wager going as to what I could possibly come up with for X.

What, I ask you, could top Xena: Warrior Princess? It's perfect -- and not just because I'm sometimes called a cyberian warrior in my "tribe." One of my tribe was successful in getting her PA contract cancelled late yesterday. She had to fight a little bit but, like a true warrior princess, she fought the good fight and she prevailed. And the best part of it is that she was able to get out from under the PA yoke before her book ever made it to the production process. The girl's getting a new tiara and a bigger sword.

There's nothing fictional about Xenas: Warrior Princesses. We're real, we're here, and you don't want to piss us off. Especially not if you work for some rip-off joint like PublishAmerica.


Sonnet Boy said...

See, I was expecting some "x-rated" prose about what PA could do with their contracts and paperbacks. Or "x-ray vision" not being needed to see through it all.

But Xena works too. :)

Serena Joy said...

ROTFL! The X-rated stuff is ... somewhere else.:)

Sonnet Boy said...

Link...? :)

Serena Joy said...

I could tell you in public, but then I'd have to shoot myself.:o)