Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Say No

Since we're up to the "N" word today, and since I'm obliged to close with a parting shot at PublishAmerica (until I get to the end of the alphabet), I believe I'll go with one of my favorite words -- No.

If I were downtrodden and woebegone, just sprung from a "cult," would I exchange one "cult" for another? No.

If I were liberal-minded and free-thinking, would I be comfortable in a restrictive, heavily censored environment? No.

If I were functionally illiterate, would I have attempted to write a book? No.

If I were fully illiterate, would I presume to run a writers' site? No.

If I were a bully at heart, could I behave for long at a tea party? No.

If I smiled and charmed you to your face while scamming you from the rear, would you respect me? No, not if you have any sense.

Is it true that way too many people with one connection or another to PublishAmerica (directly or indirectly, pro or con) do all of the above and more? Why, yes, it is.

Can I stomach it? Why, hell, no! Do I look crazy to you?

When it comes to cults and hypocrisy and sanctimony and PublishAmerica, please -- Just Say No.


The Rentable Writer said...

Hey, thanks for the comment.

Awesome blog. It's great to meet a PA survivor ... one of their "clients" who hasn't become an advocate clone. Keep up the good work, the blog's really good! I lol-ed when I read that you would rather be called unpublished than admit to having been published by PA. It's a great point. I'll be back to your site for sure. (I'm putting a link to your blog on my page.)

Serena Joy said...

Thanks so much! I'm happy as a clam that I got my contract rescinded in April and can now legitimately call myself an exPAtriate.

I'm linking to your blog as well. It's terrific.