Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just Pluggin' Along


P is a great letter, isn't it? You can do so many fun things with it. Oh! I know -- let's do PublishAmerica with it.

PublishAmerica -- the most patently penny ante poseur of all the vanity presses.

PA has been likened to a pirate ship plundering the literary seas, pandering for fresh blood.

PA is a purveyor of paltry advances and parsimonious at royalty time, with nary a pang of guilt.

PA is a parody of a publisher, printing out piecemeal some pretty puerile pap. PA is without peer when it comes to punishing its authors with pejorative abuse.

PA loves to propagate putrid propaganda, loves to induce paroxysms of pain with their penchant for pedestrian, punitive prose.

PA is a parasite over whom the proverbial pendulum is poised and prepared to propel it toward perpetual perdition.

Are you pissed off with all the Ps yet? I know I am. In parting, let me just say:

You wouldn't give matches to a pyromaniac. You wouldn't hand an axe to a psycho. You wouldn't knowingly add ptomaine to the potato salad. So, why would you hand your prized manuscript over to a poseur like PublishAmerica? Pass!


The Rentable Writer said...

"PA pisses on the names of publishers everywhere."

Also, I'm working my way through 'Unmasking PublishAmerica'; I love finding these anti-PA (or should I say pro-real publishers?) sites.

Serena Joy said...

They do, indeed. Copiously. LOL.

Hey, have fun working through "Unmasking PA." That one's mine, too. And feel free to visit the board as time permits.

The Rentable Writer said...

It's an awesome site. I love the Tone letters! (Thanks for linking to me on it. I'm honored.)

Serena Joy said...

Thank you very much, TRW. Those Tone Letters are most telling, no? Oh, and listen, I was pleased to link you -- you have some great information to impart. You're now an official "Resource."