Monday, June 19, 2006

Greasy Grimy Gaucherie

Unctuous. There's a nasty little word. It's defined as the display of a smooth but insincere show of deep or earnest feeling. Hmmm. Where have we seen that before? I've seen it. I'm sure you have, too. Most of us have sense enough to recognize it when we see it. Others are almost embarrassingly willing to take the crumbs thrown at them at face value. Those with low self-esteem are particularly vulnerable to the snow jobs tossed at them by the unctuous. They'll flatter, they'll coerce with ersatz support, and they'll lie. Amazingly, there's never any dearth of willing takers.

The whole oily-slick snow job worked on the naive by PublishAmerica is a good example of unctuousness. I'm getting just a trifle tired of talking about PublishAmerica. Can you tell? They're greasy, they're unctuous, they're sock-puppet snakes in the grass -- but so are a whole bunch of other folks. Sometimes it's hard to pick just one.


The Rentable Writer said...


More to follow ...

(And I've linked to Unmasking PA; I love it! One of my favorite sites now.)

Serena Joy said...

Oh, goodie, goodie! I got my magic -- some good magic for a change. Thank you most kindly.

And thanks for the kind comment about Pozkin -- Unmasking PA. I appreciate it.