Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fool vs. Karma -- No Match

Kris. It's the Romany word for justice, fate, or trial. It comes from the Greek word "kris," meaning judgment. The word "fate," of course, puts us in the mind of karma. Or kismet.

Scammers should expect to meet face to face with justice sooner or later. They should expect a significant impact to their karma, preferably sooner rather than later. And it will come.

If you have a bunch of scammers preying on the weak and ill-informed, it can look very much akin to a cult as the numbers continue to rise.

Let's say you have a hierarchy within your cult -- er, scam -- whereby there are a few stronger willed individuals -- known in the real world as bullies. What better way to maintain order than to allow the bullies to run roughshod over the rank and file -- so long as they continue sucking up to the head honchos. The cult leaders don't have to like, much less respect, their enforcers. They can be as ignorant as they need to be, as base as they have to be. They each have a specific function and, as long as each performs satisfactorily and the enforcers pay proper homage to their masters, all is well within Scam Central.

When some of the underlings begin to think for themselves and ask impertinent questions, the leadership simply sets the bullies loose on them. No good cult, after all, can afford free thinking in the ranks. It will fall, like all houses of straw do, soon enough but it's a pretty good con while it lasts. Not even the biggest, baddest cult is any match for karma, however.

Heh, it almost sounds as though I just described PublishAmerica, doesn't it? Gee, do you think? If the shoe fits... Whatever PublishAmerica is or is not, kismet will be its final judge.

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