Monday, May 22, 2006

She Blogs

I have a blog somewhere else. I don't like it. Practically everybody I know has a blog here. This site I like, so I've finally decided that I must have one, too.

I know, people who know me will be saying, "Huh? Why's she calling herself Serena Joy?" Don't worry, I haven't lost my mind. (Too much.) It's actually my "secret name" within one of my clubs. And it will be the name on the cover of my next book.

I'm one of those ubiquitous writers you see everywhere these days. Prolific, yes. Published, no. I had a publisher once upon a time. Turned out it was such a crappy publisher that it was better to call oneself unpublished than admit to it. Anyone want to take a gander at which one it was? (The answer appears at the bottom.)

I declared war on that publisher. I lost a few battles but I by damn won the war. Finally. Woo-hoo! Yes, indeed -- Miss be gotten her fine butt outta there. I'm back to being an unpublished author and happy to be able to say that again. I'm floundering, but I will find my way on the correct path to publication.

Future blog entries will examine the reasons why that erstwhile publisher is a bad choice for any serious, self-respecting writer.

Today, we will start with "A." PublishAmerica is a bad choice for the accomplished writer because it is, in fact, an Author Mill.

Answer: PublishAmerica

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