Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If the Halo Tarnishes, It's Faux

We're up to "H" today, and what better "H" word than honor?

There is honor in standing on one's convictions, in doing what is right. There is honor in taking a stand against what one knows to be wrong, and honor in doing one's part to right it. There is honor in taking the correct stance, even when it's unpopular.

There is no honor in blindly following the wrong path simply because someone tells you you should. The desire to please can be honorable, but what happens when that person you look up to, the one you took on faith, turns out to be something diametrically different than what you imagined? Blind Faith was a bitchen good rock group. Blind faith in everyday life can lead to disaster. Before you follow, you must be sure that the course you're following is just. One's desire to do the right thing can quickly tarnish and turn to dishonor if you don't know your own heart and mind well enough to trust them and listen to what they're telling you about the path you've chosen.

I can think of several "H" words that apply to PublishAmerica: hypocrite, hyperbole, huckster, heinous, hoodwink. I could call them Hell's Handmaidens, but that would be a bit melodramatic. Then again, they seem to get off on melodrama. God knows, they print enough of it. Must be catching.


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