Sunday, May 28, 2006


Gloria, Gloria
All night, all day
All right, okay, yay!

No, we're not singing old Doors songs, though that would be great fun, no?

We're doing the alphabet here, one letter per day, until we get through the entire thing. Boring, I know. Ha! Lots of stuff is.

The letter of the day is "G." "G" can start many, many words, but the word we're going to focus on today is "glory."

There is glory all around us. Oftentimes, we're too busy to stop and see it, smell it, experience it, feel it. Here in Virginia, there is glory in the mere sight of the surrounding mountains. They are majestic, humbling, glorious.

There is glory in a newly discovered song or poem or book. One can find glory in a new friend, a new love, a new baby. There is a sense of glory in a task accomplished, no matter how great or how humble. If you're a writer who's just finished a new work, you understand about glory. There need not be fame or fortune associated with it. The fact that you finished it and that it pleases you, whether it ever sees publication or not, is enough to make you feel glorious without indulging in vainglory.

And how does the word Glory apply to PublishAmerica? Well, that's an easy one -- it doesn't. Not in any way, shape, or form. And that's the shame of it. The vainglorious vanity press, PublishAmerica, quells all glorious ambition for its books once the smart author wises up to what it really is. There is no glory in guile.


Mea said...

I thought I would return the favor and view your site. I like what you have here... it keeps you reading.. I shall return!! thanks again

RainbowDemon1952 said...

Serena, I love the explanation of glory you've given here, and I have to admit, you keep me coming back and reading more and more all the time, and that's a good thing coming from me. If I read something and it doesn't hold my attention, I usually bolt away in a heartbeat. What I've read so far, and that is everything you've got on your site so far, I can tell you right now, it cooks, Hon!
Sounds to me like you've really had a go around with this publishing company, too! Hope I never get on your bad side, because I sure wouldn't want your agression facing!
I'll keep checking back...especially looking forward to the letter X! That might prove to be a challenge, huh?
Peace and Rock On,

Serena Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mea. Hey, I saw your entry today where you said you're starting a book. Good luck with that!

Serena Joy said...

Charlie, you ol' hippie sweetheart, you. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Oh, yes, heap big war with that so-called publisher. I won, but I'm not through lobbing grenades. They never should have ticked off a redheaded woman. LOL. Listen, don't even ask me about X. I have no clue.

You'd better be taking care of that ankle.


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