Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever?

We're working on a "D" word today but, before we apply one to the publishing industry's redheaded stepchild, let's examine it in the context of Net Lunacy. The word is Devious.

It seems like every Spring, people across the board, all over the Net, lose their minds and start one bit of melodramatic garbage after another. This year is no exception. We see the complete shutdown of one very large board. Why? Because a freakin' loon with a persecution complex and an ego the size of Idaho was put in charge of hosting it. We see another board using that unfortunate turn of events to gain viewers and sympathy for its own warped cause. That one's just a cheap whore taking cheap shots; no biggie, no worries. Alas, there are people who take that spoon-fed crap seriously. That would be their problem, though.

And there's yet another suddenly resurrected little nothing board, just sure it has the answers everyone's been looking for vis-a-vis certain recent events on still another board. I'm quite sure the long-range plan is to drag another board into that fray. Not, mind you, that that's going to be allowed to get off the ground.

My God, it'll probably be mid-Summer before this madness stops. Flame wars? Shoot, it makes you want to take a flame-thrower to the whole lot of them.

So, Devious. Oh, Lord, yes, PublishAmerica is devious. This one doesn't even require any explanation. Anyone reading these words who's had the slightest brush with PublishAmerica knows right off the bat that that one word, devious, describes PublishAmerica's entire business model. 'Nuff said.

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